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Amazing Product

Love this products the face cleanser after using it your face feels so clean and soft and then when you and the serum and the moisturizer your face neck and skin is glow and it just looks amazing I have bought alot of products but none of them made my skin look and feel like yours does thank you for this amazing product you have a customer for life

Tammy 🌻

Anti redness trio on dry skin

I trialed the anti redness trio but found it very drying even with the summer's humidity. After the suggestion that I try using the moisturizing concentrate instead of the one in the original trio I was happy with the results. The redness has mostly resolved and my skin feels well moisturized. The 4 star review is because in providing my original profile I did indicate that dryness was also a concern.


All the products fit me. I am very pleased with the result. The cream perfectly moisturizes the skin. The washing gel cleanses well, and soaps moderately. My favorite is the serum. I felt the lifting effect on my skin. I definitely recommend it for purchase.

Excellent product for sensitive skin

My skin is extremely sensitive and I have noticed that my skin reacts quite positively to this product.

Redness cream

I have not really had a chance to fully do the protocal , due to the fact my son
has has colon cancer which takes up all my time, as I am his caregiver.

I have used the redness cream only , as the facial redness is the
issue that I need help with. It has done a wonderful job at reducing
the redness on my face on it's own. Do not have time to worry
about my facial redness to much , but for the amount of time that
I have used it , very pleased. Very good product for me personally.
Every one is different for sure , but I am pleased with my results.


Highly satisfied

After 3 days of usage the redness started to reduce and by 7 days i was very happy with the result. I find the moisturising cream to be a bit thick and oily for my face but after sometime the shine goes away. I am highly satisfied with the Redness control Trio. And will be using it always.

Love it

I love this product. Best thing I have found in a long time. Leaves my face soft and smooth. Clears acne without drying my face out.


I have very dry skin and have been trying different moisturizers and creams along with trying different hyalauronic acids and nothing was working very well.this is the first product that drastically changed the appearance of my face!ive been trying to get that glow and now i have it!i only tried it because it was a free sample and im so glad i did because now i will be ordering these products!went from zero expectations to blown away!!


Use only a tiny amount, like they say. Because it goes a long way. Otherwise you'll be very shiny


It gave me a nice skin and really helped me with my acne
Love this product


I was diagnosed with rosacea 3 years ago. I experienced breakouts that were slow to go away. And when they did My face broke out somewhere else. It was never ending until I found Riversol. It is a game changer. I ordered the 15 day sample and noticed a difference in the first week. I’ve been using these products now for two months and my skin keeps getting better and better. I haven’t broke out at all. My skin feels almost completely healed. No more flakiness.I can’t count how many products I’ve tried including antibiotics Some helped but nothing like this. I will never be with out these products.

I've tried everything!

I absolutely love this product!
I've tried many products, but I have never had these results.
My skin is glowing, healthy and rejuvenated.
I have been asked, what I have had done, (surgically)...
I have smooth, soft skin.
My dark spots are noticeably fading!
I highly recommend these products.

I love this product the only thing the Sunscreen is too heavy when apply it.

I actually follow through each day!

I love this product so much that I actually do the twice a day cleansing. My skin is beginning to glow. I love the way my skin looks after a cleansing, serum and moisturizing. It is radiant and youthful looking. I don't need make-up. I am 74 years old and I have tried everything. This is the first skin routine that I never skip because my skin looks and feels so wonderful after I use it. I am definitely purchasing these products!

Exfoliating Glycolic Peel
Michelle Macleod
Great for sensitive skin

I use this product 2-3 times a week as part of my self care routine. It’s very gentle on my skin. I’ve used exfoliating scrubs and they always leave my face red and I usually break out shortly after, but with the glycol peel I can see a noticeable difference right away. I always follow up with riversol retinol cream and then riversol face lotion. My skin is radiant. I can leave my house makeup free and still feel confident!

Moisturizing Concentrate
Gaylene Tarlton-Smith
I will reorder again

I have been using your moisturing concentrate for quite sometime now, and don't plan to change to another type or brand.

Best product ever!

I started using the free trial redness trio and loved it so much I purchased the bundle along with the Corrector V2 and Retinol. I also have the exfoliating peel. My face feels very soft and the redness and some wrinkles are going away.


15 day samples didn’t last as Ling as that. I possibly used more each time than needed.
Cleanser was nice. Made my skin feel clean.
Moisturizer felt smooth and light and even though it has no fragrance there was some sort of smell to it which I didn’t really care for.
Serum was light and absorbed well but I didn’t have enough to notice a difference on my skin.

Works but not a cure for Rosacea

It helps my skin feel soft and moisturized but the redness has faded little to none so far. I bought the full size redness trio so I will finish it but not sure about ordering more.

Improved skin texture

The serum and moisturizer made my skin feel very good. It added moisture and improved skin texture and made a noticeable difference. I’m impressed with these products.? I wish there were more affordable.

Love Reversol

Really has improved the texture and softness of my skin. Has evened out the discoloration of brown spots on my face. Now ordering the eye cream witch I got a sample of and really liked it. Helps darkness and bags under the eye area.

Give Riversol A Try!!!

Riversol sample products exceeded my expectations!!! I’ve tried many high end and spa skin care lines and I’m VERY impressed with the quality of this line. I have sensitive skin and love the fact the products I tried are unscented and asorbs into the skin!!! My pores are more refined and my skin looked and felt smooth and well hydrated without being greasy! I also noticed it looked ALOT CLEARER with a GLOW! I wish I had done a before and after shot to show the differences! I am now a Riversol fan!!!


This is a great product, and I enjoy how it made my skin so soft

15 day trial

Absolutely love this! Made a great difference in my skin, added a wonderful glow and felt fabulous. If I could afford it I would always have it on hand but alas it's way too expensive for me. Just glad I got to try it because it's amazing

"Fantastic Product and Sharing the Love!"

I wanted to express my gratitude for this excellent product. The moisturizer is incredibly effective, the cleanser leaves my skin feeling soft, and the peel provides a wonderful sensation. I'm eager to continue using it and have already recommended it to many coworkers and friends.